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Exploring Our Services in Paraguayan Agribusiness

Each of our services is designed to promote efficiency, quality and economic growth in harmony with the environment. Our team of agribusiness experts works closely with each client to offer personalized solutions tailored to their needs.

Browse through our service areas and find out how Cardinal Group can be your trusted partner in finding comprehensive and sustainable agribusiness solutions. We are here to contribute to the progress and prosperity of your business and our country.




Commodity and Specialty Production Services

Our agricultural production services range from commodities to the production of specialized crops with high demand and added value.

Through cutting-edge farming practices and an ongoing commitment to quality, we work at every stage to ensure our products are of the highest quality. From staple grains to niche crops, our expertise spans a variety of agricultural products that meet quality standards and market specifications. Innovation and adaptability are key to our approach, allowing us to stay ahead of changing trends in the agricultural industry.


Advanced Grain Processing

Our grain processing services go beyond harvesting. We use advanced technology to transform crops into high-quality, value-added final products. From cleaning and grading to processing into ingredients and processed foods, we are committed to optimizing every stage of the process to ensure consistent, reliable results. Our focus on quality and traceability is reflected in every product we deliver to the market, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and safety and innocuousness standards.


Innovative Agricultural Machinery Services

Efficiency and productivity are critical in modern agriculture, and our innovative farm machinery services are designed to boost both. We offer technological solutions that range from advanced tractors to intelligent irrigation systems and specialized machinery. These high-tech tools are designed to improve resource management, reduce operating costs, and optimize results at every stage of the agricultural cycle. Our highly trained technical team ensures that machinery solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each field.


Comprehensive Agricultural Administration

Effective management is essential to success in the agricultural sector, and our comprehensive farm management services provide complete solutions to optimize profitability and sustainability. From crop planning to financial management and strategic decision making, our farm management experts work closely with clients to maximize their potential. We use tailored approaches that consider both business needs and market conditions, ensuring that each operation efficiently and effectively achieves its objectives.


Innovation in Agricultural Research and Development

We work closely with leading institutions and experts in each area to develop cutting-edge technologies that address specific challenges in the agricultural industry. From improvements in crop genetics, the application of prebiotic technologies to maximize soil microbiology, to the development and use of advanced monitoring systems, our solutions are designed to increase the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural operations. Our commitment to innovation allows us to lead the way towards a brighter and more sustainable agricultural future.


Precision Agriculture and Efficient Livestock

Precision agriculture and efficient livestock farming are essential to optimize yields and reduce environmental impact. Our services in this area focus on the application of advanced technologies, such as the use of data and analytics to make informed decisions in real time. From precise fertilizer application to smart livestock management, our solutions are designed to maximize results while minimizing the use of resources. We work to balance productivity with sustainability, generating benefits for both operations and the environment in which we operate.